Marble, Limestone, Granite, Travertine and Terrazzo Cleaning, Repairs, Polishing & Restoration.

Full restoration of all stone floors

We can grind down your marble, granite or other stone floors with our diamond pads to remove a thin layer, starting with a 30 grade working up to an 800 grade. This procedure restores worn and scratched floors to look as new. After this the floors are washed, then crystallized and then buffed to a glass like sheen.


If your floor is badly worn and has a very dull appearance but very few scratches we can go straight to the Crystallisation procedure. This is far less drastic than a diamond cut back, is a lot quicker and a far cheaper option, but never the less brings your stone floors to a brilliant glass like sheen.

What Is Crystallization?

Crystallization is a chemical transformation of the floor surface, similar to the conventional polishing of marble at the factory. The surface of the marble reacts to the heat of the wire-wool (friction) and the crystallisation chemical. A portable machine incorporates the polishing compounds on a clean, dry surface to produce a renewed floor surface.

Advantages of Crystallization

Not even the best polished floor can compete with a crystallized floor surface. We achieve a real mirror appearance with a fascinating aesthetic effect. Dust has nothing to stick to; maintenance time is reduced to a minimum.

Cleaning and polishing

For floors that are quite new and just need a face lift, we can wash with stone soap, extraction rinse and buff with marble polish, again bringing a beautiful glass like shine.

Repairs on floors, bathroom furniture and kitchen worktops.

Although marble and granite floors and furniture are very tough, they are prone to scratch, chip and crack and most of the time in very prominent places. With the latest repair methods this is no longer a problem.

We have the most up to date repair system, and once a colour match is found the repairs are virtually un-detectable. From small scratches and annoying chips, to larger cracks and builders errors like drill holes or cuts.


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